Three Minus One Equals Trouble

Hello all!

So, I’ve neglected this blog due to being busy writing . . . a sequel! And a full length novel. I’ve also been lost in the Miss Fisher Murder Mystery series, which is gorgeous.

Anyway, I’ve just dropped in to say that you can sample the first three slightly edited chapters of my new book, which I’m hoping to get published (not self published). Fingers crossed!

Three Minus One Equals Trouble If you read it, feel free to leave a review either on fictionpress or here!

Beatrice is a young L.A. socialite bored with her daily romps through 1930s L.A. Bea finds herself on the trail of an 80 year old mystery as well as being hot on the heels of a cold blooded killer bent on suppressing the truth. Confronted with a suspicious professor, an obsessed PhD student, and a charming Brit, Bea must navigate the treacherous literary path to find the truth.