Bullocks Wilshire

Bullocks Wilshire

Bullocks Wilshire

“Bullocks Wilshire – a tarnished copper and terra cotta tiled mecca for the worshippers of fashion and everything beautiful and modern. A cathedral of commerce to which we patrons would trek in our cars, entering by the round motor court. Visiting Bullocks was like cleansing yourself of past fashion sins. You would make new promises to dress smartly.”

– From “Three Minus One Equals Trouble” Chapter Two

While driving down 6th Street towards downtown, I caught a glimpse of Bullocks Wilshire peeking in between the buildings. The sun was low in the sky and it had been raining recently. All I could see was the very top, glowing like the angels were looking down upon this once magnificent department store.

Mae West was known to frequent Bullocks. She would sit in her car as sales clerks brought designer goods out to her. Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock, Marlene Dietrich, and Clark Gable were other frequent patrons. There were no cash registrars so that the patrons would not be disturbed by the ringing during a transaction.

There was a perfume hall covered in mirrors. It must have felt like Versailles. What it would have been like to shop in such a place. A place designed to make shopping a luxury. And now it is the Southwestern Law School.


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