The Belle From the Ebell

The Belle from the Ebell

1934 – Beatrice Bellamy is a Hollywood debutante recently returned from a trip to Europe. Her uncle is none other than Bertie Silverwyn, head of Silverwyn Productions. Douglas McBride is a dashing British actor who is about to be knighted by the King of England. He is also the leading man of Silverwyn Productions. But when a stolen letter might ignite scandal, not only for Douglas McBride, but for Beatrice’s uncle as well, Beatrice decides to track down the elusive letter and the thief. Before she can, Beatrice will have to face an un-forthcoming agent, a misleading damsel in distress, and her ever obnoxious Cousin Betty. Will Beatrice find the thief and recover the letter? Before the reputation of a great actor and her uncle’s studio are ruined? Or will the contents of the letter be revealed in every gossip magazine in Los Angeles and beyond?

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